Major Risk Factors of Diabetes – What You Need to Know

The major risk factors of diabetes are high body weight, insulin resistance, lack of physical activity, and genetic predisposition. These risk factors go hand in hand because if a person is already suffering from diabetes, then chances are that they will also suffer from obesity will cause more complications., Let us see the risk factors of diabetes and the main causes of diabetes in people. There are many others and you need to determine which of them causes your disease first. Diabetes is not an illness but a complex medical condition that needs proper diagnosis and treatment.

We have come to know about the risk factors of diabetes that go hand in hand with obesity. Diabetes results in both body fat and plasma triglyceride levels increasing in the blood. Body fat increases plasma triglyceride level and if you have a high level of body fat, then the chances of the plasma triglyceride level increasing are very high. If the triglyceride level is increasing, then chances are that insulin resistance is also increasing.

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Obesity and high triglyceride levels in the blood are risk factors for diabetes. These risk factors contribute to the weakening of the pancreas and cause the pancreas to be unable to produce enough insulin to handle the glucose level in the blood. The glucose level in the blood will get over over-regulated resulting in diabetes.

High body weight leads to insulin resistance, a big problem in the process of being able to handle the blood glucose level. In order to overcome this insulin resistance, the body needs to produce more insulin. However, the body will only produce more insulin if the bodyweight is increased.

Low activity levels are also a risk factor for diabetes. The lack of physical activity leads to a build-up to it.

People who have a strong family history of diabetes are at higher risk of developing the disease. This is because the genes can only cause a partial response to the insulin.

Weight reduction is an important way to combat diabetes. However, there are no fast effective methods to reduce weight. You must not be tempted to lose too much weight to avoid diabetes.

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You can lose weight if you choose to. But if you are already having problems, then the best thing to do is to start taking weight loss pills to help you lose weight.

Remember that the risk factors of diabetes are wide-ranging. If you are currently experiencing one of these risk factors, then it is time for you to begin to treat diabetes and stop worrying about the risks.

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