The Perks Of Getting A High School Internship

Although most employers consider getting interns from the domain of college students, a lot of high school students still get to land on internship positions as well, which makes their college application forms and future resumes look even more impressive. Yes, it is possible for a high school student to get an internship. So if you are one, then here are some things to consider, why you should get one.

Why The Wait? Be Different!

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Conventionally, internships are done during college. However, nowadays, it is possible for a high school student to get one. You don’t have to take the long wait anymore! There are actually companies that cater to high school internship programs now. Most high school students would still stick to the traditional college internship, which is why getting one in high school would definitely be an edge for you!

By taking one during high school, you can be different from other students. The good thing is that you can actually use this difference of yours to your advantage. Most colleges consider that any kind of experience related to real-life work, along with volunteer or community work, has great weight in value during admissions.

Scoring an internship in high school would definitely give you a leg up on the competition in applying to your chosen college. Additionally, because you already have some work experience, it can help narrow down your choice of majors.

There are numerous benefits a high school internship can give you, but before that, you should know how to get one first. So here are some tips on getting a high school internship.

Priority Comes First

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First, you should prioritize and know exactly which kind of organization or company you would work for. To do this, you can reflect on your interests. What are they? Get an idea of what kind of major you would want to have in college. Also, think of what you want to do or to be after college. Try to contemplate these thoughts and for sure you can have a company or two on your mind.

If you’re not entirely sure about what you want to do, it’s okay. Nonetheless, if you’re particularly interested in specialized programs, such as architecture or an undergraduate business school, you should try to look for internships related to that area.

The Good News

If you are a high school student in search of an internship, then good news for you! Companies across the country are now beginning to open up and provide more internship opportunities for students like you. Companies such as Microsoft usually offer specialized internships. Other local government, engineering, medical and legal organizations too often maintain high schoolers for unpaid internship positions for the summer.

With this good news, it wouldn’t be that hard for you anymore to search for one. Just as soon as you have deliberately chosen which companies you will target, you can already start applying by simply sending your resume along with a cover letter, addressed to a specific person in the company. Most companies have a specific contact person for their internship programs. If not, you can just send your resume to their human resources department or to a manager in the specific area you would like to work in.

That’s it! That’s how simple it is to apply for a high school internship. So, if you still doubt of getting one, just think of all the benefits you can get from it!

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